If I’m not wrong, this footage was taken almost two years ago.

At that point of time, I was very interested in timelapse photography (don’t get me wrong, I am still interested in it because I find it fulfilling and the results can be stunning).

So, I decided to go to Woodlands Waterfront to capture a sunset timelapse for the first time. With a camera trigger and a tripod, I set the camera to snap a picture every 12 seconds and let it run for an hour, facing the sun. With a little bit of math, I was supposed to capture 300 images in order to achieve a 12-second clip in 24fps.

Since it was my first time, I didn’t prepare myself as fatigue struck me during the project. I had to stand under the hot sun for a very long time. I didn’t even have any water with me!

Once the project completed, it was almost 7pm. The sunset was beautiful, masya’Allah. I packed up my gear and went home to compile my project into a beautiful sunset timelapse. It was really worth it.

Unsung Hero

At the end of the clip, I was asked, ‘What is it that I desire most?’..

I desire happiness in everything I do, regardless big or small. Time is the best bet to witness happiness, not money, not power.

I looked into the ballroom, “Man, this place is very dimmed. No way I’m going to crank up my ISO!”.

Thankfully, I brought the LED light I borrowed from my good friend and fixed it onto my camera.

As the beautiful couple marched into the ballroom, I switched on the LED light and walked backwards slowly while holding the stabliliser steadily, trying to minimise any unwanted shake.

I was telling myself, “Don’t crash on anyone, don’t crash on anyone”, since I was walking backwards and I didn’t look behind to check for clearance.

The LED light saved me from having ugly/noisy footages. Right now, I wish I have Sony A7S.

Thanks to the couple for sharing this impromptu picture!

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Twin Pagodas

An attempt for a long exposure capture during daytime. I deployed my tripod and held my strongest Neutral Density filter onto my lens using my hand instead of a proper holder (I didn’t have one back then).

I’m starting to love daytime long exposure photography. The smooth waters. The cloud-smeared skies. The dramatic effect. I love it.

Eugene decided to inform everyone to wear their football jerseys on Friday in conjunction of the upcoming new Barclays Premier League Season.

The number of Man Utd fans is too damn high in this picture!

Oh, I photoshopped Eugene’s love handles, that’s why he looks so slim here. Haha! Because I was told to do so…

“There is no perfect time. Like there is no perfect man/woman. Learn, do, fix, which is the closest formula to life and marriage.”
— An insightful comment I saw on Facebook.

"Being rich is not about how much you have, but about how much you can give."

This quote will always be with me and I will hold firmly. Because it makes me happy regardless of what other people would say.

I don’t care if people step on my head or manipulate me for their own gain. Because, at the end of the day, God, the Almighty, will deal with them and it’s not up to me. Giving is the only thing I have in me that is good and honest. I know I have lots of flaws that people are not proud of. I’m not happy with my flaws but it makes me who I am.

As I grow older, people have expectations of me that I have to fulfil. I will promise to keep giving regardless big or small. Whenever it is not enough, pardon and forgive me but I will keep trying to give, no matter what.

Because giving makes me happy. 

All I can do is cry

Sometimes, I feel like crying when I did a mistake that I didn’t mean to do it. It happened and I was so terribly sorry about it.

I wish I could turn back time to make things right. But I know I can’t do that.

This mistake made me realise how dumb and useless I am. And it’s harsh to know it that I am dumb and useless.

This guilt feeling, I need to feel pain to make myself feel better.

Alahai. Tzareef is very adorable. Somehow, when I look into this photo, I imagine Lin holding our own little boy and I feel the butterflies in my stomach.


Most people love butterflies and hate moths but moths are more interesting.

I was walking home one night and I saw this little fella resting on the wall, under my block. I knew about that huge moth season recently and I thought I saw one of them, but this looked different. Maybe it was just a normal moth.

So I approached it slowly, trying not to scare it away and took out my iPhone to take a picture of it. But darn, the focal length wasn’t ideal for me. Any closer would scare it away.

So I quickly ran up, grabbed my camera and fixed it with a nifty 40mm f/2.8, and ran back down to where the moth was at.

You better don’t fly away, moth”.

Yea, the moth was still there. Maybe it was sleeping or something. So I switched on my camera and took a picture of it. Close enough to get that beautiful details and far enough to have good bokeh. 

The Workers’ Party National Day Video 2014

Superbly done by The Workers’ Party! I felt the pride and joy while watching this video. 

National Day is around the corner!

That’s not my flag though. The town council put up the flags for every household, on every flats, in this town. Well, kudos to the people of the town council for being patriotic.

Finally, #ProjectHappySingapore is finally live!

I’ve dedicated months of handwork to make this video possible. And I’m proud to showcase this video to you guys. The crew and I came together to celebrate what makes us happy.

Special thanks to Peter Ong and Ken Zachary Zhou for bogeying voluntarily. Your contributions are very much appreciated!

Last but not least, thanks to the crew and the participants in this video. We had a blast, didn’t we?