CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga!

Okay, I must have a cat one day!

Do I have Asperger Syndrome?

Maybe that will explain my social reclusion. I know you are either born with it or you just don’t. I don’t think you can develop on having the syndrome. Maybe I am not diagnosed just yet. Clearly, after reading this, I realised I have lots of the symptoms.

Many people with Asperger syndrome want to be sociable but have difficulty with initiating and sustaining social relationships, which can make them very anxious and also find it difficult to express themselves emotionally and socially. People with the condition may:

  • struggle to make and maintain friendships
  • not understand the unwritten ‘social rules’ that most of us pick up without thinking. For example, they may stand too close to another person, or start an inappropriate topic of conversation
  • find other people unpredictable and confusing
  • become withdrawn and seem uninterested in other people, appearing almost aloof
  • behave in what may seem an inappropriate manner.
  • be very literal in what they say and can have difficulty understanding jokes, metaphor and sarcasm.
  • use complex words and phrases but may not fully understand what they mean
  • have difficulty knowing when to start or end a conversation and choosing topics to talk about

Asperger syndrome is mostly a ‘hidden disability’.

But hey, I could be wrong… Maybe, it is just my personality, which I don’t mean to hurt anyone with it.

So, you write ‘NY is a big city’ and you start to cry like a baby!

No thanks to the Onion Notebook… 

I began to wonder who would buy this! But hey, the commercial is damn funny, especially when the guy starts to cry!

More information here.

That moment when you bought a ring for the woman you love so much, well, it was PRICELESS!

Expected that I was going to spend money like water, and knowing myself as a very cautious person when comes to money, man, nothing held me back.

She’s all worth it. She deserves it.
And she loves the ring!

She was craving for Hei Sushi though. So, we went to Hei Sushi for our Iftar. I had my SASHIMI! Yummeh!

Wedding Highlights of Zul & Michelle!

Special thanks to the lovely couple for this amazing opportunity! I am so grateful. I enjoyed myself capturing the moments of their big day!

Till Jannah, Insya’Allah…

What happens when you crack an egg underwater?

I was curious and this video saved me from buying an egg and procuring the requisite scuba gear to find out.

It’s been fun yet tiring event.

I think of you while listening to this and I feel happy.

You… can’t take my eyes off of you …you… can’t take my eyes off of you.

The Slap

They looked like they had lots of fun though! And I didn’t realise the guy at 0:17 was Haley Osment from The Sixth Sense!


A Drop In The Ocean

With just Canon 550D and 30mm prime lens, anything is possible. I love this short.